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Makeup Party Events

Ladies' Night Out - Special Occasions - Bridal - Graduation

Prom - Personal Makeup Classes, Beginners makeup classes, Advanced makeup classes - Theme Party - Teen Party

 Makeup Classes/ Lessons

   Personal makeup lessons for beginners : One on one  $40 ( 60 mins )

   personal makeup lessons for advanced : one on one  $70 ( 120 mins )
 Beginner's makeup Lessons :  Min. 3 person - Max. 8 person   $40 per.person ( 60 mins )

 Advanced makeup Lessons :  Min.   3 person- Max. 8 person  $70 per. person (120 mins)

Learn how to apply makeup professionally and Flawlessly.  

  • makeup application is demonstrated on the hostess or another party guest of choice. Both day and evening looks are shown. Learn the techniques used by professionals for flawless makeup and how to apply long-lasting makeup.

  •  personal makeup lesson is a makeup lesson focusing on just you either as a beginner or an advanced.

  • Beginners  makeup lesson is for those with little experience of makeup or believe they are on the wrong track. We do recommend anyone new to starts with a beginners class, as much of the basics of makeup application will be learnt here, along with getting the right foundation and day wear makeup. Evening wear makeup is only lightly covered in this class if requested  
  • Advanced makeup lesson aims at anyone who has experienced the beginner's class and feels ready to move on to achieve a few evening looks, false eyelash application, contouring and any particular makeup that you would like to know how to do for a special occasion.               

Ladies' Night Out Makeup Application (30-40 min.) Min. 3 person - Max. 8 person   $30 per.p.

Get together with your group of friends before heading out for a night @ the bar lounge, Club, in to town and have your makeup applied by a professional makeup artist. Professional colour palettes are used to create the perfect look for each individual party member. Natural to glam look... the choice is yours!

  • Remove existing makeup if necessary

  • Prep and moisturize your skin to start with a fresh clean face

  • Get advice on the best colour choices to suit your skin tone and wardrobe selection

  • Makeup application: Concealer, Foundation, Mineral Powder, Eye Shadows (base, lid and crease colors), Eye Liner, Highlight , Bronzer, Blush, Lip Color (liner and lipstick or gloss) and Brow Color (if needed)

  • Disposable mascara wands are available.

   Design Your Own Unique Party for  Birthday Parties - Graduation/Prom - Teenage Parties

Planning a special occasion ?, customize a package with services of your choice. Prices are based on your choice of services and the number of people attending. Call or Email for your custom quote.
Email or call 832 598 4097





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